Heart of the Valley:  City and Country Tour


Saturday  (7 hours)

From your hotel we’ll drive to Oregon State University for a morning stroll through the historical campus central core which is considered to be one of the most beautiful in the Northwest.  Afterwards we'll highlight some of the latest campus construction including the $12 million upgrade to Education Hall, the new Linus Pauing Science Center and the new $52 million INTO-OSU Living Learning Center.

After a campus souvenir stop, we’ll proceed to Riverfront Park and walk along historic and and "a little bit quirky" Second Street.  Along the way, we will lunch at Corvallis’ most popular deli or across the street at President Obama's Oregon campaign pizza stop.  After lunch we proceed to the Old Thompson Mill in Boston with a stop in "Mennonite County" for a quick snack.  

Then it’s off to Albany, where we’ll see the Monteith House, the S.E. Young Building (Albany Museum), Whitespires Church and the Denzell Carousel project.  (Wear comfortable shoes today because we will be doing a moderate amount of walking.)  Hotel pickups start at 8 a.m.                 $95 Adult, $75 Child




Your Sightseeing Guide to Oregon’s Heartland